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Ruvitex Single Ply Roofing Systems

Technical Support…


Ruvitex Applicator Training

Ruvitex UK Ltd provide a range of training programmes for contractors:

Level 1: Basic Introduction to Ruvitex Single Ply Roofing Systems.
This course is limited to the application of the Ruvitex Bonded System only and covers the skills required to set out, heat weld and form details etc as well as the scope of this system.

Level 2: Introduction to Ruvitex Bonded System and Ruvitex Mechanically Fixed Systems.
This course covers the fundamentals of both systems including the effect of wind forces , fastening design, lap welding and a range of standard detailing.

Level 3: A conversion course for applicators experienced in similar heat welded systems to transfer their existing skills and abilities to the application of Ruvitex Systems.

Ruvitex Technical Consultation…

Ruvitex Technical Consultation

Consultation is offered to ensure the most effective system build up is selected, including the type of thermal insulation.

Prebuild Support

  • A range of drawings illustrating roof edge, wall junction and roof light kerbs etc
  • Bespoke specification documents prepared.
  • Review of specifications and detail drawing prepared by architects/designers.
  • Site inspections and reports on existing roofing being considered for refurbishment.
  • Calculations to establish wind forces in line with BS EN 1991-1-4.

Onsite support

  • A program of site inspections during the work program, designed to assist the Ruvitex Authorised Contractor and Client.
  • Snagging list provided where necessary.
  • Final sign off on completion.